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The Jonny Mogambo Band has a mission to throw a live-music party that your guests will remember for years.

We provide live musical entertainment on par with the extraordinary “house” bands of late night entertainment shows such as The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, or the famed Paul Shaffer band from Late Night with David Letterman.

The majority of event bands these days get their energy from professionally recorded “backing tracks” (canned music) fronted by singers so that their musicians don’t have to be good.

Our repertoire contains the classic music from the last 50 years so all your guests feel included, and we’re happy to honor requests made ahead of time and in the moment. The Mogambo Band musicians are all touring level artists active in the music industry, playing hundreds of shows together in Colorado and across the nation which means we create world class music easily in the top 1% of event bands in Colorado if not the country, and we do it totally live.

We stay true to the soul of our songs and regularly invite audience members on stage to participate. And, per request, we even invite guest musicians from the wedding party to join the band, making for a one-of-a-kind experience unmatched by other entertainers. We encourage unique crowd participation rituals inserted at strategic moments in our performance. Fantastic dance-offs, improvised group choreography and our famous “circle of love” where we bring the entire crowd together around the bride and groom to send them off at the end of the evening. Guests feel like they’re at a concert instead of a wedding reception, and in many ways, they are!

For your wedding night, we are YOUR house band, from a powerfully rocking 4-piece band to an impressive 8-9 piece orchestra with horns and extraordinary additional lead singers. To book our band now, please email jmogambo@comcast.net or call Jon Lindner at 970-331-6111.

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