Jonny Mogambo Band/ All Occasions Music booking for 2020!

Hi fun seekers, party goers, music lovers, wedding couples, get down funky people and all good things Colorado style! We have had an amazing summer and fall with some incredible parties in Colorado from Telluride, Vail and Aspen to Denver, Boulder and Estes Park. We had some fun stops in Michigan, Nebraska, Chicago Ill, Texas, North Carolina and California. We are looking forward to a great winter with some great dates lined up for holiday season and are booking up fast for next years party season for spring, summer and fall of 2020! If you or anyone you know needs great entertainment with a high energy, highly talented, super rockin and funky band, please call All Occasions Music to book the Jonny Mogambo Band at 970-331-6111/

We recently received some really great reviews from some people we worked with over the summer and fall. I really appreciate people reaching out to us and it’s always great to hear from people and read the kind words they have for the work we have done. I think these reviews speak for themselves. After reading these, I don’t think anyone would have any doubts as to what we can help you with and how we can help elevate your celebration musically and make what may have been a good day into an amazingly great experience that will never be forgotten. We are in the business of making amazing memories and throwing an unforgettable party anywhere, anytime for any occasion. Here are some recent reviews we received.

***** /5.0 posted 10/11/2019
If you are looking for an amazing, energetic, talented and unforgettable band for your wedding….look no further….and book Jonny Mogambo Band!!! From the beautiful acoustic ceremony and cocktail hour to the ROCKIN’ party with the full band for the reception, they were unbelievable! They had EVERYONE of all ages on the dance floor the entire night with songs ranging from classic rock to pop to even rap covers (they played a classic rock version of Gin and Juice which made the bride VERY happy)! We have had so many friends and family members tell us it was the best wedding band they have ever heard, and had several future Colorado bride and grooms asking us for their information! On top of throwing a great party, Jon was incredibly responsive and easy to work with during the entire planning process. We could not recommend Jon and the Jonny Mogambo Band more, we are forever grateful that we chose them as the band for our special day!!!
*****/ 5.0 posted 10/10/2019 Sylwia D’Amico-Glitter & Bliss Weddings and Events  970-376-6517
Absolutely Awesome!!
All Occasions Music/Jonny Mogambo is a fantastic band to work with. I am a professional in the wedding industry and I do coordinate a lot of weddings and events in the Vail Valley. This past month I had the pleasure to work Jwith the Jonny Mogambo Band( Vail Golf Club & The Vail Wedding Island) Working with Jonny the Band Leader was a true pleasure. He is very punctual,responsive talented, full of fantastic energy, and Super fun to work with.
His band was so exciting on stage and they got the people going! Not only did they put on a fantastic show, but they also engaged the crowd the entire time. The guests stayed on the dance floor until the very end. If you’re
looking for a band for your wedding look no further. Jonny Mogambo Band is an amazing group that creates a high energy party for everyone in the room. I would highly recommend Jonny Mogambo Band for any Event!!

Loni Peterson  *****5.0  Such a fun band!

Jon and his band were great! They learned special songs that my couple requested and kept the party going! They were on time and prepared for the night’s festivities. They have you covered from ceremony to after party! Highly Recommend. Sent on 10/09/2019

posted 10/11/2019 –Kristin Zoelle/ Best Wedding Band!
If you are looking for an amazing, energetic, talented and unforgettable band for your wedding….look no further….and book Jonny Mogambo Band!!! From the beautiful acoustic ceremony and cocktail hour to the ROCKIN’ partywith the full band for the reception, they were unbelievable! They had EVERYONE of all ages on the dance floor the entire night with songs ranging from classic rock to pop to even rap covers (they played a classic rock version of Gin and Juice which made the bride VERY happy)! We have had so many friends and family members tell us it was the best wedding band they have ever heard, and had several future Colorado bride and grooms asking us for their information! On top of throwing a great party,Jon was incredibly responsive and easy to work with during the entire planning process. We could not recommend Jon and the Jonny Mogambo Band more, we are forever grateful that we chose them as the band for our special day!!!

For more reviews check out:

We hope to see you all soon at some of our shows and we look forward to celebrating this wonderful life, amazing music and great times we all share.

Peace and Love,


Summer 2019/ Amazing!

We have had an amazing run this summer playing some incredible parties in Colorado from Vail, Beaver Creek, Denver, Telluride and Aspen to parties in New York, Chicago, St. Louis and Northern Michigan. It’s September 4th, 2019 and I am thinking of all the fun, good times and great music that happened this summer.

Thinking back into May when we started our run with some high school and college graduation parties in Fort Collins, Vail and Boulder. I was happy to see that younger people still love good live music and when we get into a good groove, playing what we love to play, rocking some cool arrangements and good solos, there is still that hysteria where people go crazy dancing and singing along and just losing themselves in the moment. Music does that for people. Not just us as the artist playing the music but for everyone involved. When that wall between artist and listener dissolves and we all get together and feel all right, that is why we all came together, that is the celebration, that is the moment we all strive for. In the Jonny Mogambo Band, we call that the circle of love. It’s that time during the show when people form a circle, they all can see each other and they take turns dancing in the middle or they all just move together as one. It’s really fun to be a part of this and make it happen through our music. We know at this point, that we have reached people, they have reached us, we are all together in this and all is good in the universe. Music can do that to people. These where great parties and it is always great to play for such a diverse group.

June saw us playing some great weddings in Colorado Springs, Vail, Telluride, Beaver Creek and Denver. We played on this amazing ranch southeast of Colorado Springs and set up in the middle of this field. As we pulled up to the place where we where going to play, there was a massive weather cell moving across the plains. I haven’t seen a storm like this in a while. The groom assured me that we where in a spot where it rarely rains. He said, “everything usually moves around this spot, it’s how we are situated in comparison to the mountains and because of that, we don’t get the big storms here.” Within 20 minutes, mother nature proved him wrong. Wow! Not only did it rain about three inches in an hour, hail started coming down and the wind was blowing so hard it almost blew the tent over. But, as they say in Colorado, if you don’t like the weather, just wait fifteen minutes. It did clear up and as we moved into the first dance for the bride and groom, the sun was setting over the rocky mountains and the stars came out to play. It ended up being an amazing night. The storm coming through definitely amped up the energy and the band played amazingly that evening with our seven piece band laying down some solid funk rock rhythm and groove tunes.

In July we hit St. Louis, Northern Michigan, Vail, Telluride, Denver and Aspen. We always have a great time rolling down to Telluride and this trip was no different. There was still a huge amount of snow capping the San Juans this July, everything was green, the rivers where huge and the mountains provided an amazing backdrop for some good jams and an incredible celebration in Telluride. We played at Gorrono Ranch up on Telluride mountain. The views, the front deck, the food, the drink, the music, did I say the views? It was a good time had by all. I remember a time in the evening when we where playing and looking out at all the people dancing, singing and circling up for the circle of love. There where actually multiple circles of love as the night took a turn into that place where we all like to go musically. I have to say, when you are on a mountaintop with some great people, celebrating love and family, there are just things that happen that you will remember for the rest of your life. Cheers to our friends in Telluride and the mountains for singing along!

August was filled with rocky mountain rainbows in Evergreen at the Lakehouse, 50th birthday party celebrations at the Ritz in Bachelor Gulch, a Northern Michigan Yacht Club sailing regatta shot ski drink fest and an Arapahoe Basin 11,550 foot wedding celebration. It is amazing playing at that high of an altitude. And, to watch the effects on people can also provide some interesting moments during the evening. We played the ceremony, cocktail hour and the dance party for this wedding. It was a crazy Colorado weather day and being at 11, 550 feet added to the intensity. It was very cold and rainy (yes this was August 17th) and my hands where freezing as I tried to make it through the pre ceremony songs out on the deck at the Black Mountain Lodge at A Basin. Just as I was playing the brides song for her walk down the aisle, a nice rendition of “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles, yes, as only can be perfectly timed in fairy tail weddings, the sun came out and the views up on the east wall of A Basin, the bride walking in, all of it was an incredible moment. As I moved into a song during the ceremony, the altitude caught up with one of the bridesmaids and she took a dive right into the front row. There was Doctor in the house and all was good within a few minutes. You definitely have to remember to hydrate at 11,550 feet. As we got into the dance party, we where respectable of this fact. We would get the jam going, people dancing like crazy, singing along, the circle of love, all things good but after a few songs of that, you have to play a good slow song or a nice down tempo song to keep from having more people passing out at that altitude. Such are the intricacies of entertaining in the Colorado mountains.

So, here we are in September, a September to remember so far. We started the month with a couple of great parties in Vail. We played at Donaven Pavilion for a beautiful young couple that loved live music along with all of their friends and family. The dance floor was packed the whole night and we moved into some crazy fun jams in the middle of some music as a couple of guys tied their ties together and everyone did the tie limbo. I don’t think I’ve seen that before and in the moment we improvised a new song, “The double tie limbo!” Ok, so you had to be there. But, it was another one of those perfect moments where everyone comes together through music, love and celebration and it takes the night into a great direction.

Ramble on! I could tell endless stories of all the good times we have with all the people that bring us into their lives for their celebrations, love and good times. I look forward to many more. I hope enjoy hearing about some of our good times and I hope to share some of them with all of you in the future. Peace, Love and all good things with the Jonny Mogambo Band.

Jonny Mogambo playing Go Pro Games in Vail.

To all of those looking forward to summertime in the mountains, the GoPro games in Vail are a great start to the summer season there.
The GoPro Mountain Games are the country’s largest celebration of adventure sports, art and music and they return to Vail, CO June 6-9, 2019. After a full day of events like paddle boarding, climbing, kayaking and mountain biking you can catch some great music at the Gerald Ford Amphitheater with acts this year like Melvin Seals and Joan Osborne playing the songs of Bob Dylan. There are opening bands starting at 7:15pm and then main acts come on at 8:45pm. But some great music, like many music festivals, can be found in the local clubs and bars.

One of Vail’s best entertainers, Jonny Mogambo, will be playing Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Pepi’s in the Vail Village. J Mo plays two sets per day from 4pm to 6pm and 7pm to 9pm. This is a great place to get warmed up for the night shows or a great place to go after a day outside at the GoPro games. They have great beers on tap, a wide selection of wine and spirits and good food to keep you going all day and all night. Jonny Mogambo will be playing a mix of his original rock music and covers that will have you singing along, dancing and making memories here in Vail. This is simply the best one man solo acoustic rock show you will see anywhere!

Jonny Mogambo Band has a new recording out titled, “American Sexy.”

The Jonny Mogambo Band recently released a new recording, titled “American Sexy” with 12 new original rock songs. You can check out some of the new music at Jonny Mogambo will be playing the new music in his solo act along with some of his great rock tunes he always does to get crowds going, drinking and having a good time here in the Vail Village. This will be a highlight during the GoPro games as Jonny Mogambo has only played a few public shows during the summer in Vail over the last few years. Come out for the GoPro games, come out for the music, come out for some good times in Vail, Colorado.

JMB has a new recording out titled “American Sexy.”

J Mo Band plays Breck Spring Fest Sun 5/5 /19

It has been a great ski season for 2019 with so much powder and good times and it’s not over yet! For those of you that love the spring conditions on the slopes, you still have some great options to take some turns. Breckenridge is open until the end of May and A Basin will surely stay open until it’s July 4th traditional ski day. And, this Sunday at Breckenridge, you can catch the JONNY MOGAMBO BAND right on the slopes at Peak 7 from 11:30 AM to 1 PM. This will be a great show from the band with them playing all the new tunes from their new recording “American Sexy.” You can literally ski right up to the stage as it is set up on the slopes at Peak 7 in Breckenridge. If you are a true music fan and love good rock music, come out and check out this show. The Jonny Mogambo Band always puts on a high energy show and when they move into solo sections the fans will appreciate the talent of saxophone player Andrew Vogt, Keyboardist Ben Jansen, Guitarist Dan Schwindt and drummer Kyle Comerford. These guys can solo circles around anyone and when you put this together with lead man Jonny Mogambo’s rocking originals, you get something you have never heard before.

Everyone is talking about the recent snow storms we have had in the mountains. This week we have seen over three feet of fresh snow. There isn’t a better time than now to enjoy some fresh snow at Breckenridge and some good music from the Jonny Mogambo Band. The fact that this is all happening in May makes it even more fun. Expect good weather in the high 50’s for Sunday and some good new tunes from the Jonny Mogambo Band.

Jonny Mogambo Band plays Breck Spring Final concert series.

The Jonny Mogambo Band has spent the last three years on a new recording and it’s out now for all to hear titled “American Sexy.” It has 12 new tunes and they are all centered around the driving rhythm section, good musical melodies on guitars and keys and great horn section parts with strong male and female vocals. You can check out the new recording at And, this Sunday check the Jonny Mogambo Band in Breckenridge.

Jonny Mogambo Band also plays many private events. For all information on the band, check out for wedding, company parties and private parties or for all of it’s new origianl material.

Jonny Mogambo Band receives awards/ Ski season 2019 Big powder jamming tunes

Jonny Mogambo continues playing his solo acoustic rock show all ski season in Vail, Co every Mon, Tues, Wed at Pepi’s in the Vail village from 4-6pm & 7-9pm  AND at the Bridge Street Bar every Thurs, Fri, Sat 6-10pm. It’s been an amazing ski season so far with incredible snow conditions.  This always seems to amp up the party scene as people celebrate good times and powder days.  This week we had conga lines, shot skis , dancing like nobody’s watching and unbridled joy as people celebrated the good times in Vail with Jonny’s music and high energy performances.  Don’t miss this when you are in Vail!  The Jonny Mogambo Band recently received “Best Of ” awards from The Knot and Wedding Wire, two top wedding companies that work in the wedding industry.  Only 3% of bands nationwide receive this award and it is great to see JMB at the top of their game.  You can check out everything they have to offer at and listen to and buy some of their new original music at

All Occasions Music/ Jonny Mogambo Band/ Happy New Year

Giving everyone a shout out for a Happy New Year! At All Occasions Music with the Jonny Mogambo Band we had an amazing year with some great dates nationwide and all over Colorado.  We already have some great dates lined up for 2019 with parties scheduled in Nebraska, North Carolina and all over Colorado from Telluride and Crested Butte to Denver, Larkspur, A basin and Vail! Please check out our new web site at and  We have some new music out, new videos and some nice reviews from fans and new friends. If you or anyone you know is looking for great entertainment for any event, anywhere, anytime, please contact Jon a or 970-331-6111.  Happy New Year and see you all soon!

Jonny Mogambo Band booking for 2019!

I can’t believe 2018 is already coming to and end.  It has been a great year for All Occasions Music and the Jonny Mogambo Band and we are already lining up 2019 to be another great one.  We have some great parties already booked in Vail, Telluride, Aspen and Denver and are booking up for many more in 2019.  The band recently did a fun photo shoot in Denver, has some good new photos out and is also releasing some new music from their original recording coming up in 2019.  Lots of exciting stuff happening for the new year!  If you or anyone you know needs great entertainment for weddings, private parties or company parties, please call Jon at 970-331-6111.  See you all soon!

Jonny Mogambo plays Apres Ski Vail, Coloradp

Vail ski resort is open and the apres ski party is on.  It’s time to celebrate one of the best openings we have seen since 2002.  There are incredible ski conditions right now with over 700 acres open already including Game Creek Bowl.  If you are looking for a place to celebrate, come here some fun apres ski music, sing along and dance or just kick back and have a cool cocktail in the rocky mountains, come on out to Pepi’s in the Vail Village.  If you want to hear Jonny Mogambo in a live setting, this is a great place to come say hello and check out some good original music and all your favorites and sing alongs.  Starting today November, 19th, 2018 you can catch Jonny Mogambo at Pepi’s every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 4-6pm and 7-9pm.  Check out the new original recording at

Fall 2019/ Show me the Wow!

It has been an amazing fall for 2018 and we appreciate so much support and all the good celebrations we have been a part of.  We have played weddings and parties in Minnesota, Denver, Aspen, Telluride, Vail, Castle Pines, Colorado Springs, Chicago, Illinois and even Toronto Canada!  Wow, what a great time it has been.  It’s November, it’s dumping in Vail and I have no idea where the time has gone.  I can’t believe we are looking at another ski season coming and we are already booking up for next summer 2019.  My band,  The Jonny Mogambo Band continues to bring the party and throw down at all events taking the energy level of all celebrations to a higher state.  The reviews have been great and we have been awarded top awards on a national scale from The Knot and The Wedding Wire.  Only 3% of music wedding professionals have been awarded these honors and we are proud to say that this is a repeat performance for us.  We also have a new original recording out titled “American Sexy.”  We have 8 new songs available now with 4 more on the way.  Check out and you can always find great information on our wedding and party band at  We play any type of event, anywhere, anytime.  Come see us this winter in Vail or call email/call for availability for any type of party.

Summer time July & August 2018

Wow!  What a summer it has been so far with some great shows and weddings from North Carolina, Santa Fe NM and Nebraska to Telluride, Crested Butte, Vail and all over Colorado.  You know summertime in Colorado is wedding time in Colorado and the venues and celebrations on top of the mountains and down in the valleys have been incredible.  The band has been jamming with the five piece band and the eight piece band with our great female vocalist Paige Sandusky and our full horn section featuring Andrew Vogt on saxophone.  We have played some amazing ceremonies and carried on the celebration with some good guitar picking during cocktail hour and then a full blow out get down dance party for the after dinner dance celebration.  Check out all our information at  We have new videos, new songs we have added to our song list and lots of good times and positive vibes to bring to your celebration.  See you soon!