During Tough Times, People are still hiring live music for weddings/ Fantastic Celebration With The Jonny Mogambo Band

Hiring The Jonny Mogambo Band

During the Corona virus pandemic, times are tough for many people. In the wedding business we are seeing couples scaling down their big events as they have to adhere to some restrictions. While they may be not be sticking with some of the smaller details from custom dinner settings, hand served appetizers and specific menu items or some of the bigger items like expensive floral arrangements, videographers and party favors for everyone, they are sticking with live music. Let’s face it, in a few years nobody will remember the flowers, the food they ate or the table settings. They will remember that they where at the best wedding they have ever been to because everyone danced all night to an amazing band that threw down and hosted one of the best parties they have been to. The Jonny Mogambo Band can genuinely bring a unique experience to any wedding party. These are performers who can play live to the guests and keep them entertained throughout the night. For the bride and groom, nothing beats the setting of a lively wedding where the live band is playing melodious tunes. They also make up for a great background score when the bride and groom take the floor for their first dance after taking the vows. While you can always put up a sound-system and play recorded music – the actual vibes will always come when you have a talented band like The Jonny Mogambo band playing for your wedding.

Bringing the Party to Your Special Day

The Jonny Mogambo Band provides a high-energy performance that will bring fun and excitement to your reception. They will cover all types of music that will have your family, friends and all guests dancing, singing along and enjoying the best wedding they have ever been to. You spend time and effort to include all the details of your wedding function so that everyone can have a good time. Likewise, you will have to select entertainment options that will allow you to celebrate with all your family and friends. The Jonny Mogambo Band will provide you with that option – a high quality dance band that provides a musical experience that is second to none.

Setting the Tone

In Colorado, there are many choices for live music. But, many groups in the wedding business these days lack the experience that you need for a good live music act for the most important day of your life. They show up and read off of Ipads all night or play to backing tracks. Simply put, they don’t their music and they don’t know what they are doing. You are not getting the high quality experience that The Jonny Mogambo Band provides. Music will set the tone for your whole wedding and it will create the ambiance and feel from ceremony and cocktail hour to dinner and the dance party. When it comes to the guests, keeping them entertained is one of the most important aspects of a wedding. The Jonny Mogambo Band will ensure that everyone at your wedding has a great time. Whether you want the band to play jazz, r&b, oldies, classic rock, Motown, country or modern hits, The Jonny Mogambo Band delivers.

When you work with All Occasions Music and The Jonny Mogambo band, you can rest easily on your wedding day knowing that all the details will be taken care of by experienced professionals that provide an experience from ceremony to reception that is the best in the business, Colorado and nationwide.

All Occasions Music/ Jonny Mogambo Band/ How are Brides and Grooms affected by the Pandemic in the Vail Valley?

It’s amazing what a difference a few weeks can make. The news in Colorado is hopeful. Colorado Governor Jared Polis is expected to make his way to Eagle County this Friday to announce the first county that is allowed to reopen part of its economy. We know it will be limited stores allowed to open, recreation areas and limited access to other amenities in the Vail valley but it is a start to recovery. This has great implications for private events in the Vail valley from weddings and corporate parties to birthday bashes and local music dates. See the article below for more information on Eagle County opening back up for business.

There are a few reasons why Eagle County can open up earlier than other counties. First of all, if you read the information, most experts agree that the virus has been in our county for months. It hit people here in February and by the time March rolled around we where seeing the worst of it. We got into it earlier and we are getting out of it earlier as it peaked here earlier. Another reason it peaked here earlier is because Eagle County officials where vigilant in shutting this Valley down quickly. This helped flatten the curve and in the end we have gone more than two weeks with declining cases, we have enough tests for anyone that needs them and our hospitals are recovering and in good shape to care for people valley wide.

What does this mean for future brides and grooms? We will see venues open back up slowly and we may even see private events start sometime in June. This will keep the wedding season moving forward for the summer season in the Vail valley. I assume there will be restrictions and we may see limited guest lists, safe methods of serving food, social distancing and perhaps everyone wearing masks at these events into July. For brides and grooms booking for 2021, you want to beware as some brides and grooms from the wedding season of 2020 are rescheduling into 2021 and already filling up the prime dates on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for next summer 2021. This will create a lack of available dates for new brides and grooms wanting prime dates in 2021. My advice is get it set up as early as you can. Book the Jonny Mogambo Band now and ease your worries about finding a band during a crowded wedding season next summer 2021. We provide a luxury service and we will give you the best service that you deserve, the top entertainment that you deserve and an experience that is second to none here in Colorado!

  • We at All Occasions Music and The Jonny Mogambo band will continue to observe all precautions and mandates for all events where we entertain. When we are able to start entertaining again, hopefully sometime in June, here are a few things to consider.
  • We will probably need more space for the band to set up if we are going to observe social distancing at events.
  • That is not a problem.
  • We will have to observe certain restrictions on how we interact with the crowd.
  • For the time being, we probably won’t be inviting people up on stage to join us.
  • We will still interact with the crowd and put on the best damn show this side of the Rockies!
  • We probably won’t be able to share a microphone for a song.
  • We can provide another microphone for guests that would like to do toasts, sing along or any type of announcement.
  • We all have to be patient right now and move forward with the best intentions in mind.
  • We do look forward to entertaining for all you very soon.

Our hearts and best wishes go out to people in the other parts of the country that are still fighting this battle. I have heard stories from New York, New Jersey and other parts of the country and I want all those people to know that our thoughts are with them. I wish you all well in these crazy times and hope to see you all sooner than later in the Vail Valley. Jon Lindner/Jonny Mogambo Band/ All Occasions Music / 970-331-6111

All Occasions Music/ Jonny Mogambo Band/ Can you share our music during these tough times? Corona Virus sucks!

It goes without saying, these are tough times for everyone.  The Corona Virus has stopped all public music performances and any type of events from weddings and private parties to festivals and concerts. We had everything canceled in March, April and May with some events postponing into the fall of 2020.  That is the saving grace.  We know we will all get through this and we will all get to get our groove on again. 

We miss the spring ski season here in Vail, Colorado.  I was reminiscing about all the great times we have here in March and April and all the good times, spring skiing, big parties and music that was cut short on March 16th when we shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Our band was scheduled to play the Pink Vail dance party, the worlds biggest ski event to raise money for cancer. We where looking forward to throwing down in Vail, playing some of our newest music and rocking the crowd with that funky get down rockin thing we do with the Jonny Mogambo Band.  We also had great dates scheduled at Pepi’s and the Bridge Street Bar in the Vail Village, The Broken Arrow at Arrowhead ski resort, a great springtime get down party in the rocky mountains and fun parties in Aspen and Breckenridge.  I am happy that most people that hired our band for April and May are rescheduling  their events.  This will help us in the future when we are allowed to go back out in public.  There where also great events like the Taste of Vail culinary festival and Spring Back to Vail music fest that we did not get to experience this spring.  There are countless other experiences that I know will be missed.  We remember all of them and remember all of you and hope for better days to come.

It seems every day brings new news.  I have always been an optimist and I know we will get back to good times this summer.  We are all trying to do our part by quarantining, supporting our local businesses however we can and helping out those who need help the most in these difficult times.  If anyone who reads this needs help in Vail, I am here for you.  I am healthy and strong and can lend a hand whether it’s a simple errand, any real estate needs, grocery shopping or simply someone to talk to about what is happening here in the Vail Valley. 

Since we can’t play any live shows these days, any weddings or any type of private event, we are asking if people can help us out by buying some of our newest music we have out.  You can’t find any of this on Spotify, Apple Music or any streaming service.  We saved this just for you and would love it if you or any of your family or friends would help support the Jonny Mogambo Band.  Go to www.JMoBand.com and right there on the HOME page on the right side is a way to purchase and download our music.  It would mean so much to us to share this music with you that we spent so much time producing.  We wish you all peace and love in these crazy times and thanks in advance for your support.