Jonny Mogambo playing Go Pro Games in Vail.

To all of those looking forward to summertime in the mountains, the GoPro games in Vail are a great start to the summer season there.
The GoPro Mountain Games are the country’s largest celebration of adventure sports, art and music and they return to Vail, CO June 6-9, 2019. After a full day of events like paddle boarding, climbing, kayaking and mountain biking you can catch some great music at the Gerald Ford Amphitheater with acts this year like Melvin Seals and Joan Osborne playing the songs of Bob Dylan. There are opening bands starting at 7:15pm and then main acts come on at 8:45pm. But some great music, like many music festivals, can be found in the local clubs and bars.

One of Vail’s best entertainers, Jonny Mogambo, will be playing Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Pepi’s in the Vail Village. J Mo plays two sets per day from 4pm to 6pm and 7pm to 9pm. This is a great place to get warmed up for the night shows or a great place to go after a day outside at the GoPro games. They have great beers on tap, a wide selection of wine and spirits and good food to keep you going all day and all night. Jonny Mogambo will be playing a mix of his original rock music and covers that will have you singing along, dancing and making memories here in Vail. This is simply the best one man solo acoustic rock show you will see anywhere!

Jonny Mogambo Band has a new recording out titled, “American Sexy.”

The Jonny Mogambo Band recently released a new recording, titled “American Sexy” with 12 new original rock songs. You can check out some of the new music at Jonny Mogambo will be playing the new music in his solo act along with some of his great rock tunes he always does to get crowds going, drinking and having a good time here in the Vail Village. This will be a highlight during the GoPro games as Jonny Mogambo has only played a few public shows during the summer in Vail over the last few years. Come out for the GoPro games, come out for the music, come out for some good times in Vail, Colorado.

JMB has a new recording out titled “American Sexy.”

J Mo Band plays Breck Spring Fest Sun 5/5 /19

It has been a great ski season for 2019 with so much powder and good times and it’s not over yet! For those of you that love the spring conditions on the slopes, you still have some great options to take some turns. Breckenridge is open until the end of May and A Basin will surely stay open until it’s July 4th traditional ski day. And, this Sunday at Breckenridge, you can catch the JONNY MOGAMBO BAND right on the slopes at Peak 7 from 11:30 AM to 1 PM. This will be a great show from the band with them playing all the new tunes from their new recording “American Sexy.” You can literally ski right up to the stage as it is set up on the slopes at Peak 7 in Breckenridge. If you are a true music fan and love good rock music, come out and check out this show. The Jonny Mogambo Band always puts on a high energy show and when they move into solo sections the fans will appreciate the talent of saxophone player Andrew Vogt, Keyboardist Ben Jansen, Guitarist Dan Schwindt and drummer Kyle Comerford. These guys can solo circles around anyone and when you put this together with lead man Jonny Mogambo’s rocking originals, you get something you have never heard before.

Everyone is talking about the recent snow storms we have had in the mountains. This week we have seen over three feet of fresh snow. There isn’t a better time than now to enjoy some fresh snow at Breckenridge and some good music from the Jonny Mogambo Band. The fact that this is all happening in May makes it even more fun. Expect good weather in the high 50’s for Sunday and some good new tunes from the Jonny Mogambo Band.

Jonny Mogambo Band plays Breck Spring Final concert series.

The Jonny Mogambo Band has spent the last three years on a new recording and it’s out now for all to hear titled “American Sexy.” It has 12 new tunes and they are all centered around the driving rhythm section, good musical melodies on guitars and keys and great horn section parts with strong male and female vocals. You can check out the new recording at And, this Sunday check the Jonny Mogambo Band in Breckenridge.

Jonny Mogambo Band also plays many private events. For all information on the band, check out for wedding, company parties and private parties or for all of it’s new origianl material.