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It’s been an incredible summer and moving into the fall we are still in the heart of party season in Colorado.  Something interesting happened this summer.  A lot of people hired our big eight piece band and people have been going nuts at the weddings and parties we played.  The sound with our female and male vocalists along with the keyboards, guitar, a strong rhythm section and this powerful horn section to back it all up, is huge!  And people are loving it.  We have great options with our four, five and six piece band but this eight piece combo is in rare form and it seems many people are on to it and want more of it.  We have also finished 8 new songs on our original recording and are ready for release soon.  This will be a new high for the Jonny Mogambo band as it will garner national recognition and of course more demand all around.  We have received some incredibly nice reviews from people and it is apparent that everyone is digging the sound of this band.  Hope to dig it with you soon!  Jonny 9/12 17

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