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As April rolls on we have some fun parties booked nationwide, all over Colorado and we are bringing new music to our great lineup this summer!  All Occasions Music is booking up solid for Summer and Fall dates for weddings and private parties.  I have just finished a great ski season  playing five days a week for apres ski shows slopeside here in Vail Colorado and am looking forward to some great weddings and parties we have booked this spring, summer and fall.  If you are truly looking for a great band for your celebration, please call us.  We recently worked with some new marketing people and they suggested that we emphasize that we are essentially a music lovers type of band.  If you enjoy high quality players who can solo circles around the best, a band that puts on a great show and has high energy, a band that knows it’s music and plays it with passion (we don’t use Ipads!), and a band that’s going to deliver each song in a way you love, then this is your band for your celebration.  I’ve seen so many wedding and party bands and the trend these days is heavy on the synthesizer with a lot of the same heavy electronic sounding drum beats and singers all doing the same thing everyone else is doing.  We are truly and more original band that brings the sound of incredible guitar playing and singing, great saxophone and horns along with our keyboard player with a tight rhythm section that shines with amazing bass playing and drumming.  There is a reason some of our band members have played at Red Rocks with side projects, they are amazing players!  This all translates into getting you an amazing band for your celebration, not some cheesy run of the mill same old band that is doing all the same old tunes as all these canned “entertainment agency” bands that you see.  I hope you all hear and see the difference.  It would be an honor to work with and help you realize your musical dreams for your celebration.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sincerely, – Jonny Mogambo April 12th, 2017.

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